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Team Structure:


Our president is the project manager for the whole team. The president works closely with the coaches, vice president, mentors, and subteam leads to guide our team to victory. Our president is the face of the team and is elected by team members every year.

Vice President

The vice president is the second in command, working more with the mentors and coaches. The vice president is also responsible for keeping things running in the absence of the president. 


Our coaches are responsible for the financial responsibilities of the team, like sponsor money or event funding. Our coaches also work alongside the president to keep everything on track and give extra support.



Business subteam is the side of the team that deals with awards, sponsorships, public image, and outreach. While Business doesn't directly interact with the robot, they supply sponsorships and donations to buy the parts. Our team and this website wouldn't be possible without the Business Subteam.


With a team of more than 70 members, safety is of the utmost concern to us. Our team chooses one person each year to be crowned "Safety Captain". This person is in charge of making sure everyone is following the proper safety requirements.

Project Specific Teams

The project-specific subteams are made up of all of the different parts of the robot. While there are teams that stay consistent, such as Chasis and Software, the challenges presented require different teams. In the 2022 season, we had 4 different subteams to work on the different parts of the bot.


Mentors are crucial to teaching new skills and giving students the opportunity to talk to professionals in fields they're interested in. Many of our mentors are former members of our team that came back to support the growth of new team members.


Sponsorships and donations are extremely important to cover the costs of running the team. With the help of sponsors, we are able to buy better parts, improve outreach solutions, and increase community presence. With the help of our sponsors, we have gone above and beyond the goals we had previously thought possible.

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